Let This Gorgeous Morrigan Figurine Help You Forget a New Darkstalkers Isn’t Coming

darkstalkers morrigan 06-22-14-2

Darkstalkers fans have been waiting a while for any semblance of a new game in the series being announced. Sadly, E3 came and went, and not a peep came out from Capcom regarding a new Darkstalkers game.

Well, to help take your mind off of that, we’ve learned about an absolutely mesmerizing figurine dedicated to Morrian Aensland of Darkstalkers fame. Thanks to 4Gamer, we’ve also gotten an up close and personal look at her.

darkstalkers morrigan 06-22-14-3

Her original model is based off of the artwork by Kinu Nishimura. The figurine really captures her extremely curvy and voluptuous form!

You can find some more shots below:

darkstalkers morrigan 06-22-14-6 darkstalkers morrigan 06-22-14-5 darkstalkers morrigan 06-22-14-4 darkstalkers morrigan 06-22-14-1

Capcom are also taking in tallies for an alternative color scheme for the Morrigan figurine, for a limited edition. The four variations can be found below:

darkstalkers morrigan 06-22-14-10 darkstalkers morrigan 06-22-14-9 darkstalkers morrigan 06-22-14-8 darkstalkers morrigan 06-22-14-7

You can actually vote on which limited edition you like best, via their website. The winner will be announced on the 4th of July.

If you want to preorder the original version of Morrigan’s figurine, you should head on over to Capcom’s official web shop, where it will set you back 9,936 yen.



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