Let It Die Brings Free to Play Murder to the PS4

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Goichi Suda and the team behind Let It Die, his bold new murder simulator, have confirmed that the game will be a free to play title on Playstation 4.

The game literally stars you, the player, instead of a convention story where you play the protagonist. You’ll be able to fully customize your player, according to a report from Destructoid. When you kill enemies, which are apparently other players, you can take their weapons and clothes.

The game being a PS4 exclusive was also elaborated upon, apparently the system’s technical ability to sustain player data and the existing relationship with Sony were able to make the entire experience possible.

Goichi Suda is serving as the game’s executive director, but he said that he is “much closer to the team” than he has ever been before in past executive director positions.

The Grim Reaper that was riding around on a skateboard in the debut trailer is apparently a “really big part” of the game, according to Suda. There will be many different weapon types, more than your typical melee weapons – there will even be guns. The combat is described as being non-traditional (non-combo based) but more brutal, and swift.

Let It Die is coming out sometime in 2015.

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