Lego Fortnite – How to get Knotroot and Marble

Lego Fortnite Knotroot Marble

Knotroot and Marble are essential parts of the tier 2 progression in Lego Fortnite, as they are needed to upgrade your village, as well as to craft some tier 2 equipment.

The issue is that, not matter how much you look, they can’t be found in the overworld, so where are they?

Both Knotroot and Marble are present inside of caves, which can be found by exploring the overworld. Caves get automatically market on the map once a player steps near its entrance, and they can be made easier to find by placing a marker down.

Simply entering the caves, however, isn’t enough to collect these tier 2 materials, as both Knotroot and Marble need to be harvested by tier 2 equipment.

Players are required to upgrade their workbench to access tier 2 equipment, and the only tier 2 tool that doesn’t require these materials is the Forest Axe, which can be crafted by using Bones and Wooden Rods.

Armed with your Forest Axe, you can finally venture into the caves for the first time. Knotroot is found easily inside of most caves, and takes the form of twisted and dry branches with a green tint.

The next step is going back to your base and refining your Knotroot into rods, which are needed for the tier 2 pickaxe. Once you have your pickaxe, you can go back to the cave and look for the Marble formations on the walls.

Players having trouble finding shells to upgrade their workbench might also want to explore the caves, even if they can’t gather the resources yet, as they house the crab enemies that drop shells upon being defeated. It is much easier to face them in the overworld, though, as the caves also house stronger skeletons.

Fortnite and Lego Fortnite are available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the official website and Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

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