Lego Fortnite – 5 Beginner Tips

Lego Fortnite Beginner Tips

Lego Fortnite is here, after being announced out of nowhere alongside the Chapter 5 intro and being shrouded in mystery, we finally get to play it.

As it turns out, Lego Fortnite is a fully fledged survival crafting game, and it can be really tough at times as it has a more hands-off approach, which is surprising for a title aimed at a younger audience.

The game is quite fun, but not everything can be figured out at a first glance, so we prepared a guide with some tips that beginners might find useful, enjoy!

5- Don’t leave your things outside

Being outside in the rain in Lego Fortnite is pretty dangerous, especially during thunderstorms.

Not only can you be struck by lightning when running around outside, but you can also get cold and take damage from the rain. Even worse, certain crafting stations simply won’t work while it’s raining.

Another important thing is that you can’t sleep if your bed is outside in the rain, making it difficult to pass the time during tough nights.

It’s important to create structures, like the shacks, which are available as soon as you start the game, to cover your crafting stations and bed so they don’t stop working at important moments, especially since they double as housing to protect you against the cold.

4- Keep rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling

One of the most surprising things found in Lego Fortnite is its combat system, which can be a little brutal at times.

Most of the enemies you’ll find can actually hit really hard, especially humans, who will take a good heart and a half from you with their attacks.

Thankfully, enemies telegraph their attacks very well, and you have a fantastic tool to use during combat, which is your dodge roll. The dodge roll will give you a solid way to dodge incoming punches or projectiles, and will become even more important as you fight bigger and stronger foes. Remember: They can’t hurt what they can’t hit.

3- Oh no, where is my stuff?

Exploration is incentivized, but early on it’s best to only explore the area around your base.

The reason for that is that dying makes you drop every single item you have, even the ones in your hotbar, which means that retrieving your things may not always be easy.

Long expeditions require you to prepare by bringing enough weapons, tools, and food to survive for a long period away from your base, unless you want to lose everything.

Certain areas can’t even be reached because of their extreme cold, so it’s best to always be sure of where you are going and preparing ahead.

2- It broke again?

Tools break extremely often in Lego Fortnite, which is something that can be quite annoying in the early game.

Planning around and crafting multiple tools at a time is the best way to deal with the durability system, since only crafting one tool at a time is not efficient, as you will constantly have to stop what you are doing to go and craft another pickaxe or sword.

It’s important to always have multiple tools ready, as well as extra materials saved up specifically for making tools, as you don’t want to go back to picking rocks off the ground like you were doing at the beginning of the game.

1- You better look fancy

One of the main mechanics in Lego Fortnite is the ability to create your own village, and it comes with many benefits.

Each village level you acquire allows for you to bring another person to live with you, and that person can be assigned a job, which will help you out immensely.

Getting to level four or so will be pretty easy, as simply building beds and crafting stations is enough to give you a good boost in popularity, but at some point you’ll have to start crafting decorations, buildings, and more, as you’ll run out of crafting stations to build so you can level up your village.

The bonuses you get for increasing your village level, as well as having people to defend the base while you are gone are really important, so always make sure to decorate and level up your village.

Fortnite and Lego Fortnite are available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the official website and Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

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