Legendary Crossover Fighter Capcom VS SNK 2 Hits PSN Tomorrow

Capcom VS SNK 2 SS 1

In case you guys have never played this glorious crossover fighting game franchise, Capcom VS. SNK2 was and still is one of the pinnacles of crossover fighting games, and fighting games in general. The game is coming tomorrow with the PS Store update as a PS2 classic which unfortunately means it will not have online play, but it will still have good old local play.

What’s different from this crossover fighter in comparison to other crossovers? It has SIX different play styles – yes, six. Each of the six grooves are based on six different fighting games. The K groove is based off the fighting style in Samurai Shodown which gives you a rage meter and a run move, which is different from dash attacks in the Street Fighter grooves.

Seriously, if you somehow haven’t played the game until now and you’re into fighting games at all – you MUST play this game. This game is personally one of my all time favorite fighters, I’ve spent countless hours on it. If you’re curious how amazing the levels, music and various modes are, here is a mash up of various matches:

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