Legend of Grimrock 2 Beta Begins, Gets New Trailer

Most of you may not have heard of The Legend of Grimrock, since the original (slightly) predates this website and even for an indie game was a bit under the radar. Though it didn’t cause massive shockwaves upon its release, it was every bit the modern re-imagining of 1980’s dungeon crawling that those following it had hoped it would be. Meanwhile, the sequel, which promised to include several wanted features the first lacked (mainly overworld areas), has been crawling along slowly and quietly with very little fanfare.

Yesterday night, however, news went up on their blog announcing that the beta would finally be starting. A closed beta, unfortunately, but a beta nonetheless. Progress, it seems, is finally being made.

That’s not all they revealed either, since they let loose the news that the original Grimrock would be making its way to iOS devices as well. Not a bad idea, seeing as how “Eye of the Beholder” type RPGs seem to be quite popular on the platform.

To celebrate, Almost Human put together a perhaps the shortest teaser trailer ever created:

The first Legend of Grimrock, a game I highly recommend everyone give a chance to enslave them the way it did me, can be grabbed on GOG.com for only 14.99 and is worth every penny.


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