PvPvE fantasy ARPG Legacy: Steel & Sorcery announced

Legacy: Steel & Sorcery

Independent developer Notorious Studios, who are made up of ex-World of Warcraft devs, have revealed Legacy: Steel & Sorcery, their debut title.

Legacy: Steel & Sorcery has been in development for over three years and will launch in early access for Windows PC (via Steam). Signups for the game’s early alpha are available over on its official site.

The game is expected to be in early access for at least another year and the full version will include more classes, maps, social features, Steam achievements, additional art, and balance polish.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Legacy: Steel & Sorcery is a third-person action PvPvE RPG featuring distinctive fantasy classes. Go on adventures solo or with friends to search for treasures, level up, and defeat any who stand in your way.


Combat has been designed from the ground up for PvP. Feel the impact of your attacks and use your abilities to carve out the flow of battle. Quick decisions and precision are necessary to win.


In the wilds, the spoils go to the victor. The world is more real when everyone’s hard-earned loot is on the line. Victories are savored while defeat hardens resolve.


Respite awaits behind the stone walls of the city. Fortify your elixirs and armaments at shops. Rest in your private room at the inn, organize your stash, and cook a meal for the next adventure.


  • Go on solo adventures, or bolster your strength with up to two other friends.
  • Actively dodge, block, sprint, attack, and cast when you engage in combat.
  • Level up each character to unlock new abilities and traits.
  • The world is part of combat. Warriors can charge through walls and hurl boulders, while priests can levitate over dangers and away from enemies. Each class has unique ways in which they interact with the environment.
  • Improve your reputation with vendors to craft the most impressive gear and get them to sell you the best stuff.
  • Upgrade your permanent lodging with higher quality furnishings. Better amenities mean more benefits on your adventures.
  • Embark on quests for unique rewards and much needed supplies.
  • Experience a community-wide fresh start when major updates reset progression, deliver new content and gameplay changes.


During our Early Access journey, we are excited to work with founding players on new features and content. Additional classes and maps, social features, and new game modes are at the top of our list. Join our Discord to stay up to date and give us your feedback and ideas.



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