Legacy of Kain Multiplayer Spin-off Nosgoth Shutting Down on May 31

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While developer Psyonix has been raking in the dosh with their runaway hit Rocket League, their Legacy of Kain third-person shooter spinoff, Nosgoth, hasn’t been doing so well. Now, publisher Square Enix has pulled the plug on the experiment with the much-beloved IP.

Despite the game being available through Steam Early Access for a year, Square Enix said the decision wasn’t an easy one, however they claimed the “audience hasn’t grown enough to sustain ongoing operations.”

The game’s servers will officially shut down on May 31st. In-game purchases are no longer possible, and anyone who has spent real money from March 1st onward will receive a refund.

For those afraid this will make Square Enix that much more avoidant of producing a true sequel in the Legacy of Kain series, they did make a note (via Eurogamer) in saying future projects in the series will be “considered independently of Nosgoth and on the merits of the proposals alone.”

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