Learn How to Raise Monster Girls in Moero Chronicle

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Compile Heart has revealed a new gameplay video for Genkai Tokki: Moero Chronicle that shows off how players will be able to bond with and raise their monster girls.

The monster girls that can join your party will live in their own rooms within a special inn. If you visit them while they’re at home, they will grow more fond of the player. Giving them gifts will naturally make them more affectionate towards the player. You can witness special moments when a monster girl’s affection is high enough, and monster girls that have been befriended can be viewed in a compendium that has lots of stats, and artwork.

Adventuring parties in Moero Chronicle can be comprised of whichever monster girl you prefer, and their main equipment they wear into battle takes the form of underwear. If you swap out their underwear, you’ll be able to change up their skill points, and the abilities they can unleash in battle. Your choice of underwear will also be reflected in the game’s cutscenes.

You can also recruit what are known as Strange Monsters, creatures that can be combined with Raw Material Panties, which in turn create new items. Certain types of combinations are supposed to get you extremely rare pieces of equipment.

Moero Chronicle is coming to Playstation Vita in Japan on May 15th.



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