Learn How to Fight From a Dragon Tutor in Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4 Art 1

If you’re new to Rune Factory, the franchise is a spin-off from the Harvest Moon franchise, it blends traditional Harvest Moon features like farming, marriage, maintaining of livestock, and so on.

What Rune Factory brings to the table are fantasy RPG elements like dungeon crawling, fighting monsters, leveling up and upgrading new weapons.

Some new features in Rune Factory 4 are the ability to date certain boss monsters (that turn into humans after you defeat them), talking to dragons and having long term relationships prior to marriage.

XSEED Games have revealed a fighting tutorial trailer and the catch is that you don’t learn how to fight from an ordinary warrior – you learn from a dragon!

You can view the fighting tutorial below:


In Rune Factory 4 you can use weapons and rune abilities, the latter being more akin to traditional magic.

There are lots of weapon classes to choose from, pending  your preference there are staves, swords, hammers, spears and so on.

Rune Factory 4 launches this October 8th in North America, a European release date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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