Leaked Playstation All-Stars Level is Mash Up of Gravity Rush and Journey

Playstation All Stars Ravity Rush Journey Stage Screen

Pictured above is a screen grab of an artist’s personal page showing off his most recent work, which you can see here. The images were promptly taken down. As with all the PSABR leaks, this is really disappointing and it reaffirms my belief that bad choices were made with Playstation All-Stars’ roster, development and overall gameplay.

Kat from Gravity Rush should have been in the default roster long before Heihachi, Big Daddy, Dante, etc. Add onto that an awesome looking level that’s a mash up between Kat’s world and Journey’s gorgeous vistas? I’d gladly take this over the two lame Bioshock mash ups.

I was pretty excited for PSABR before it launched, but with this coming soon after the leak of Dart from The Legend of Dragoon as a planned DLC character, I just can’t take this anymore.

I’ve been mulling over doing a PSABR piece for awhile now, but this has convinced me to point out what went wrong and what went right with the game.

Playstation All Stars Ravity Rush Journey Stage 1 Playstation All Stars Ravity Rush Journey Stage 2
Credit goes to Playstation Euphoria for the scoop.

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