Latest Build of GameMaker Allows for PS4 and Vita Publishing

savant ascent 05-30-14-1

GameMaker studio is an increasingly viable development platform for indie developers and larger studios alike, seeing some very prominent and successful games released from it like Hotline Miami, and Savant: Ascend (pictured above).

The studio has provided a wide range of options for exporting and publishing games, but with this new update – it’s getting even more options for platforms to publish games to. Starting with version 1.3, developers will be able to export and publish to both Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita!

The free update also brings with it a lot of fixes, changes, and so on, but the key features are the options to port to PS4 and Vita, which also come alongside a licensed Playstation developer registration.

You can get the full list of information regarding update 1.3 as well as info for the PS4/Vita support here.



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