Last Life: Will You Solve Your Own Murder?

Last Life is a Kickstarter game, created by Sam Farmer, about a recently slain private investigator name Jack Parker.

He is re-animated for just four hours and in that time he has to try to figure out who committed his own murder.

last life 4-20-2014 dead.jpg

Last Life will take place in the future on Mars. Earth had been destroyed almost 11 years to the day of Jack Parker’s murder and there are only a couple million humans left alive.

You will have four hours to search this land, figure out deadly secrets by any means necessary (charm, bribe, or something less pleasant) and solve the mystery behind his own death.

last life 4-20-2014 murder

Last Life is a point and click game sci-fi action game. It will be set up into three playable chapters.  It will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Last Life is on Kickstarter until Friday May 9th and is about $16,000 away from their goal. You can check the Kickstarter page out at here and hey, if you pledge enough, they will base a character off of you!

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