Lapis: ReLIGHTs Premieres July 4, New Trailer

The upcoming summer season anime Lapis: ReLIGHTs has debuted a new trailer, and officially announced the premiere date for the series.

The world of Lapis Re:LiGHTs is a world in which idols and witches are one in the same. The series follows a group of these idols as they live their academy life in order to become brilliant idols and use their magic to help people.

Lapis Re:LiGHTs is a planned multimedia franchise by KLab and Kadokawa. A manga began in 2019, and a mobile game has been announced but not released as of yet.

The original scenario and setting were written by Asa no Hajime, and follows magical high school idols. The manga series is being written by Shingo Nagai and illustrated by artist Hirochi. The anime will be directed by Hiroyuki Hata.

You can read the official synopsis from the official website below.

舞台は輝砂、そしてその結晶体である輝石が動力として普及した街・マームケステル。輝砂や輝石を利用し、呪文やメロディによって魔法を発動させる少女は “魔女”と呼ばれ、歌唱活動や魔獣退治を行い、人々から憧れを集めていた。



The stage is Maesquester, a town in which bright sand and its crystal, pyroxene, have spread as power sources. A girl who uses magic sand and pyroxene to activate magic by means of spells and melodies is called a “witch,” who has been singing and defeating monsters, and has been attracted by people.

Flora Jogakuin is a school for witch apprentices founded by the Akatsuki Witch.
The girl, Tiara, who dreams of becoming a fine witch, hits the gate of the school.

“I would love to study at this institute-huh !?”

Translation: Google Translate

You can find the new trailer below.

You can find the full staff and cast (via the official page) below, along with their Idol Unit names.


Director: Hiroyuki Hata
Co-Writer: Kasumi Tsuchida
Co-Writer: Hajime Asano
Character Designer: Tarou Ikegami
Music Composer: Satoshi Honou
Animation: Yokohama Animation Lab



Tiara: Yukari Anzai
Rosetta: Risa Kubota
Lavie: Live Mukai as Lavie
Ashley: Iori Saeki as Ashley
Lynette: Mizuki Yamamoto


Emilia: Hazuki Hoshino
Alpha: Tomomi Mineuchi
Salsa: Yuu Sasahara
Garnet: Youko Nakayama

Kono Hana wa Otome

Nadeshiko: Rina Honizumi
Tsubaki: Arisa Suzuki
Kaede: Yuko Ono

Sugar Pockets

Ratura: Yukimi Hayase
Champe: Seka Hirose
Maryberry: Hikaru Akao

Sadistic Candy

Anegelica: Yuka Amemiya
Lucifer: Risae Matsuda


Yue: Yuu Sakuragi
Millie Feuille: Saeko Oku
Fiona: Haruka Itou


Eliza: Kana Hanazawa
Chloe: Yoshino Nanjou
Angers: Yuka Amemiya
Camilla: Sumire Uesaka
Yuzuriha: Ayane Sakura

Translation: Anime News Network Editor’s Note: Anime News Network also cites the final Idol Unit’s name as Ray, despite the group not being prominently displayed on the website.

Lapis Re:LiGHTs premieres July 4th. An official western release has not been confirmed at this time.

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