Labyrinth Of The Demon King launches in 2025

Labyrinth Of The Demon King

Publisher Top Hat Studios and developer J. R. Hudepohl have announced a release window for Labyrinth Of The Demon King.

Their retro survival horror game is launching sometime in 2025 for Windows PC (via Steam).

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

A first person survival horror game, set in a world inspired by feudal Japan.

Venture through the Labyrinth Of The Demon King, solving puzzles and fighting terrifying monsters in an epic quest to track down the demon who betrayed your lord and end its life.

“The World has entered The Latter Age Of The Dharma.

Society is crumbling. War has spread throughout the country. Disease and famine have killed thousands, and demons walk the very earth itself.

You are an Ashigaru, a footsoldier in the service of Lord Takeda Nobumitsu.

Deceived by a powerful demon king, your lord led his army into an ambush. All perished except for you. Against your wishes your lord sacrificed his life to aid your escape from the battle.

You have made a vow to track down the demon who betrayed your lord and end its life.

You take what could possibly be your final breaths on this mortal plane, and prepare yourself to enter…

The Labyrinth Of the Demon King”


  • A first person survival horror inspired by classic games like as King’s Field, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill.
  • Navigate your way through a Labyrinth, solving puzzles and uncovering secrets.
  • Fight monsters up close with an assortment of melee weapons, or shoot them from afar. Be careful which method you choose, as supplies are limited.
  • Meet unlikely companions & allies (?), all who have their own reasons for being drawn to the Labyrinth.
  • Retro style graphics. Complete with dithering and a 4:3 presentation.
  • Loading screen doors.
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