Labyrinth of Galleria: Coven of Dusk Was Delayed to “Add Volume”

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The reason for the delay of Labyrinth of Galleria: Coven of Dusk has been revealed as the studio’s desire to add more content to the game.

While originally slated for July 25th in Japan, it was later delayed to Spring 2020. Character designer Takehito Harada was revealed the reason why in his book, released at Comiket 96:

“While it’s been delayed to next year, it was a strategy to add volume, so  I hope you look forward it.”

No other details were given at this time. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

Labyrinth of Galleria: Coven of Dusk is launching Spring 2020 in Japan for PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

Ryan Pearson


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