La-Mulana developer announces new game Ahamkala


Publisher PLAYISM and La-Mulana series developer NIGORO have announced Ahamkala (tentative title), their newest game in development.

“We at NIGORO have been making games for ten years and finally it has dawned on us that we are not very good at creating a game within a short time frame,” the developer said in a new message.

They added, “For our next project Ahamkala (tentative title), I have decided to stay quiet until I have something to announce. As such, I bid you farewell until we meet again at some video again a few years from now.”

The hosts from Playism noted that the original La-Mulana 2 took the developer five years to develop, while the original La-Mulana took around seven years to be developed. So, it takes roughly five to six years for them to create a game.

As such NIGORO kept getting asked when they would finally release their next game and they got tired of being asked. Now they’ve decided to only announce information when they know they can release the game, otherwise they’ll remain quiet.

Lastly, alongside the news of Ahamkala being in development, NIGORO has confirmed they have two other unannounced games in development.

Further details weren’t shared – we’ll keep you guys posted.

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