La-Mulana 2 is Coming, That is if You Fund it on Kickstarter

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There’s somewhat of a parallel between kickstarter funded games and said games being metroidvania influenced experiences. We’ve covered quite a few of them here, if you don’t believe me – go and search in that upper right box for “metroidvania”, I’m sure you’ll find at least several games. The latest game to enter kickstarter with a similar premise is La-Mulana 2.

The “archaeology adventure” sequel is a direct follow up to the original La-Mulana, a game that was released to WiiWare back in 2011 to both critical and enthusiast acclaim. The original featured Lemeza Kosugi, a whip wielding, tomb plundering adventurer that reminded many of Indiana Jones. The sequel features his daughter, Lumisa Kosugi, and it’s definitely shaping up to be a bigger and bolder game.

You can view their kickstarter pitch below:

La-Mulana is one of those games that left many gamers dying for more, some even desperately saying they wish they could develop amnesia to play the game again for the first time! While I feel that way about Suikoden 2, I’ve never played the original La-Mulana, and yet it screams classic gameplay evolved into a completely new breed of game.

The team working on La-Mulana 2, Nigoro, is a small team of only a few developers, each holding multiple creative roles. Takumi Naramura is both the director, composer, level designer and artist working on various art assets. Takayuki Ebihara and Houryuu Samejima are both programmers working on the game, Ebihara-san being the lead programmer.

The game’s localization is being handled by PLAYISM, the fine folks who have localized games such as One Way Heroics and Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae. The game will be localized primarily into English, although there are several stretch goals, some including other languages such as Mandarin, French, German, and so on.

If La-Mulana 2 seems up your alley, head on over to their kickstarter to pledge to the game.

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    January 27, 2014 at 8:12 am

    La Mulana was a game that in my opinion was held back by its design. It was clearly designed to be similar to older Japanese PC games of the pre-famicom era. Games like tower of druaga where you are required to do random, illogical and cryptic actions in sequence in order to progress with very little if anything as a hint.

    If they god rid of that obtuse design elenent so the game can actually be played without a guide permanently next to you then, yeah, the sequel could turn out to be okay.

  2. Brandon Orselli
    Brandon Orselli
    January 27, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    From what I’ve seen it does look like one of those older games in the sense that it literally never holds your hand, and it expects you to really look for secrets in every corner.

    I never played the original, but I tend to really love games that have you checking like everything. I makes me feel like there’s more to find, even if there’s not that much to actually find :)

    We’re doing an interview with the team from La-Mulana (and the sequel) where I ask some detailed questions regarding the sequel, so stay tuned ;)