Kyukyoku TigerHeli: Toaplan Arcade Garage gets western release

Kyukyoku TigerHeli: Toaplan Arcade Garage

Japanese developer M2 has released Kyukyoku TigerHeli: Toaplan Arcade Garage in western regions, their previously announced classic shmup set.

The Toaplan shmup collection is now available in the west for PS4 (via the PlayStation Store) and Switch (via the eShop), seemingly without previous publisher Limited Run Games. The collection has even more games via its DLC “Console Ports + Get Star Pack.”

Kyukyoku TigerHeli: Toaplan Arcade Garage was originally released in Japan back in October 2021 for both PlayStation 4 and Switch.

Here’s a rundown on the collection:

The Tigers Return. The Legend Begins Anew––

The fourth entry in the highly acclaimed M2ShotTriggers line to hit the North American market, the Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli collection includes the two “Tiger” games by the developer Toaplan, who is responsible for many a fabled arcade STG.

Kyukyoku Tiger (1987) is one of Toaplan’s most emblematic works. The game revolves around strategic use of your main shots and devastating bombs, which riveted the attention of not only hardcore arcade-goers but also of commuting office workers back in the day. The seed of its core mechanics can be seen in its predecessor Tiger-Heli (1985), which is also present in this collection.


  • For veterans and newcomers alike – On top of the Arcade modes where the original experience is faithfully recreated, each of the two games has a Super Easy mode that provides more relaxed gameplay, making them easily accessible even for first-time players!
  • Hone your skills with helpful features – The M2 Gadgets reveal useful gameplay information such as the location of hidden items, or even warn you of enemies that try to blindspot you. Alongside many other helpful features, they guarantee that even the most seasoned players discover aspects of the games they never knew before!
  • Be the arcade hero – The Arcade Challenge modes make their appearance again in this collection! These let you play small chunks of the games in any order you like, which makes it ideal for repeated practices. You’ll soon find yourself prepared to tackle the arcade modes!

About DLC

Complete Your Ultimate Tiger Collection!

This DLC includes various console ports of Tiger-Heli and Kyukyoku Tiger. On top of that, it also includes the rare beat-‘em-up Get Star and its Western version Guardian, both released outside the arcades for the very first time!
*You must have a copy of the digital download version of Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli in order to play the content of this DLC.

Seven console ports

Various console versions of Tiger-Heli and Kyukyoku Tiger were made in and outside Japan, and seven of them are included in this collection. Each of them tackles the difficult mission of recreating the arcade experience in its unique and inventive ways. This is the ultimate way to study the different aspects of the Tigers in their diverse habitats!

Get Star: an arcade rarity

Originally released in 1986, Get Star is an arcade side-scrolling beat-’em-up, where you play the role of the titular robot, combating enemies with punches, kicks, and occasional special weapons. Free six planets from the oppressive rule of Big Demorr!

Installing this DLC makes the following titles playable in the base game:

  • Kyukyoku Tiger FC Ver. (1989)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger PC Engine Ver. (1989)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger Mega Drive Ver. (1991)
  • Twin Cobra NES Ver. (1989)
  • Twin Cobra Genesis Ver. (1991)
  • Tiger-Heli FC Ver. (1986)
  • Tiger Heli NES Ver. (1987)
  • Get Star (1986)
  • Guardian (1986)
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