Krystal the Fox voice actress comes out of retirement for Half Life 2 mod

Krystal the Fox

Estelle Ellis is known for lending her voice to a few Nintendo 64 games, being mostly known for her work on Star Fox Adventures, as Krystal the Fox.

Krystal the Fox is a bit divisive amongst Star Fox fans. Half of the fanbase thought she was too sexualized to be in a children’s game, while the other half was too busy having their furry awakening.

The Internet’s furry community absolutely took this character and ran with it, inserting Krystal into Super Smash Bros, Grand Theft Auto 5, Fallout: New Vegas, Second Life, Skyrim and now Half Life 2.

Gagnetar, a Half Life 2 modder, decided to add Krystal the Fox into the game 5 years ago.

A year later, a new model for Krystal the Fox was released, which prompted Gagnetar to make a second version of their mod.

And for 4 years, that was it, Gagnetar seemed happy with their work, until a demo video showed up on April 14th, 2022, which showed a third version of the mod, now with voice acting by Estelle Ellis.

Estelle Ellis really likes Krystal the Fox, like, maybe a bit too much, so it probably wasn’t difficult to convince her to participate.

The final version of the mod was released on September 23rd, 2022, alongside a showcase and installation guide, which can be watched below:

The Internet’s dedication to Krystal the Fox will forever be astounding, as sites like Krystal Archive have been up for 17 years and are constantly updated with new developments on this character that only sporadically shows up on Star Fox games and as a trophy on Super Smash Bros.

Estelle also voiced Krystal on a DNF Duel mod, which adds the character into the fighting game as Launcher’s replacement.

Not only that, but Estelle also voices Krystal in the Star Fox Event Horizon fan game:

At this point, Estelle Ellis probably voiced Krystal on more non-Nintendo projects than she did on official ones, and honestly, props to her for liking the character so much.

There is something special about Estelle’s passion for Krystal, as few voice actors even care enough to do what she does, her involvement in so many mods and fan games shows that fans are starved for Star Fox content in general, and modders are the ones supplying that.

Finding these projects felt like falling too deep into a rabbit hole that even Nintendo doesn’t want to acknowledge, and let’s hope it stays that way, as weird as the Internet’s fascination with Krystal is.



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