Konami Issues DMCA Takedown of Video Discussing Situation with Hideo Kojima

hideo kojima 05-11-15-1

If you’ve been following the entire debacle with Konami and legendary game developer Hideo Kojima, you’d know that the company is mostly keeping things quiet. However, a recent DMCA takedown by the company has led us to believe they’re now actively silencing discussion of the company proper, and Kojima himself.

The video, (now removed, but here’s a mirror upload), was produced by Youtuber George Weidman, who goes by the username of Super Bunnyhop. The video talked about the rumors surrounding the company and Kojima, but this apparently was grounds for the company to flag it with a copyright notice.

Here’s a screen capture of the video, from the NeoGAF thread made for the discussion:

konami kojima 05-11-15-1

We’ve seen Youtube videos regarding video games taken down for excessive nudity, or even from game developers to silence criticism of critics, but this is a bit much. We’ve reached out to Konami for a comment.



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