Konami employee charged with attempted murder for attack on former boss

Konami Employee Attempted Murder Thumbnail

In a stunning turn of events, an employee for Konami has been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The former employee was arrested after he had hit his former boss in the head with a fire extinguisher (via Livedoor).

According to the suspect, he claimed his former boss engaged in power harassment over him, though no examples were given of such misconduct.

The police report notes the suspect hit his former boss in the head with a fire extinguisher. He was promptly stopped and apprehended by co-workers before being handed over to the police. The victim suffered a head injury which will take at least seven days to recover from.

The suspect allegedly filed a complaint with Konami on the matter, where the company found no evidence of wrongdoing, but did transfer him to a different team in August of 2020. Why he would attack years after the complaint was handled is unknown.


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