Kojima Productions next game will feature actress Elle Fanning

Kojima Productions

Little has been revealed about the next game from Kojima Productions. That is, other than the reveal they were creating this new title in partnership with Microsoft.

But now the developer has confirmed Elle Fanning will be making an appearance in their upcoming game, news revealed at PAX Australia 2022.

Her reveal was teased by Hideo Kojima at Tokyo Game Show 2022 with an image of a woman’s silhouette with the words, “Who am I?” on it. A shared QR code would take people to the developers website where they got the same image, but with “Where am I?” for a caption.

As it turns out, the “where” part of this little tease was in reference to where things would ultimately be revealed, which was PAX Australia. The “who” would also be answered once the image showed the face of actress Elle Fanning.

Fanning is likely most well known for her role as Princess Aurora in the Maleficent film series by Disney, though she also played a role in Steven Spielberg’s film, Super 8 in 2011. She is the younger sister to fellow actress Dakota Fanning.

While the reveal has set the internet ablaze with hype, her role in the upcoming game is currently unknown. There is no information on whether she will play the lead role, like Norman Reedus did for Kojima Productions’ only other title, Death Stranding. Alternatively, she might be among the supporting cast instead.

For now, it remains to be seen what will be of her role in the game. It also remains to be seen for about practically everything for this upcoming game by Kojima Productions, including the title itself.



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