Kitaria Fables Confirmed for Xbox Series X+S and PS5, New Farming and Crafting Details

kitaria fables

Publisher PQube and developer Twin Hearts have announced release platforms for Kitaria Fables, alongside new details for the game.

Kitaria Fables is coming to Xbox Series X+S and PlayStation 5, alongside the previously confirmed Windows PC (via Steam) and Switch versions sometime later in 2021. The game was previously confirmed for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, however specifics weren’t confirmed until now.

Here’s some new details and the first look at both farming and crafting in the game:

Welcome to the world of Kitaria, a peaceful land where residents live in harmony with nature. As the wildlife beyond Paw Village becomes increasingly aggressive, you have been called upon to defend residents and discover the truth behind the ghastly rising darkness…

Growing & harvesting crops on Thunderbunn Farm in Kitaria Fables

Good Morning!

You have awoken in your new home of Thunderbunn Farm, Paw Village! Head out the fields and check on your crops, plant new seeds and harvest produce.

You will need to make yourself known to your neighbours, helping out with mini quests around the village. The more you bond with your new friends, the more rewards you will receive as your relationships grow!

Visiting friend, neighbour and vendor Kiki in Paw Village

Prepare for Adventure!

The very first stop on any adventurer’s journey must be to secure vital provisions! With a variety of fruits, vegetables, seeds and more, you’ll be making a pit stop at Kiki’s market stall – she has everything you need and more.

There’s a ton of treasures to discover and beasts to battle out there in the wild, so better stock up on everything you need before you venture out into the big bad wildland of Canoidera.

Crafting weapons and armour at Shamrock’s Smithy

Get Battle Ready!

A quick visit to Shamrock the blacksmith is a must before you even think about heading out into the wilds!

Wield melee weapons and bows while forging new spells in class-free combat. Kit your loadout in a way which suits your preferred style of battle and craft magic, weapons and armour which compliment your play style!

You can view an older announcement trailer here:

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