King’s Bounty II Launches Today; Aivar Character Trailer

King's Bounty II

1C Entertainment have launched tactical RPG King’s Bounty II, along with a character trailer for Aivar.

As previously reported, the series has shifted from it’s focus to dark fantasy- and features changes to gameplay as well. This includes equipment and experience points for units, factions within races, being able to keep an infinite number of units in reserve, and more.

While the trailers for playable characters Katharine and Elisa, Aivar had appeared in prior trailers. Now he gets his own character trailer.

Aivar is the descendant of a noble family fallen on hard times, and a former knight of the Royal Guard. He refused to support the coup that led to King Claudius taking the throne, and was banished. In Artisania, he became the captain of the Hounds of War mercenary troop.

Prince Adrian has taken the throne of Nostria after the poisoning of Claudius, and is offering to pardon Aivar and reinstate him in the Royal Guard. Aivar has his doubts, but the temptation of glory is too strong.

You can find the Aivar trailer below.

King’s Bounty II also launches today for Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store, and Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The launch trailer features Reborn by award-winning music composer and producer Raney Shockne, David Cordeiro, and featuring Vanessa Bryan.

You can find the launch trailer below.

Image: King’s Bounty II official website



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