Kingdom Come Reaches Goal in Less Than 36 Hours, Stretch Goals Revealed

kingdom come deliverance ss 11

It’s only been a few days since the Kingdom Come: Deliverance kickstarter was opened, but it seems they have already reached their funding goal within the staggering time frame of 36 hours.

Their initial funding goal was £300,000, and their campaign currently is sitting on roughly £370,000 GBP. Warhorse Studios are not slouching behind this milestone, they also confirmed their first batch of stretch goals, the first of which rests at £400,000 GBP.

This goal will allow for the team to do some live in-game music, recorded by local Czech music masters, down to the exact notes from ancient song books. Honestly, I think that sounds pretty astounding as the soundtrack of a game can easily make me instantly interested in it, or not.

At £500,000 the game will get a symphonic orchestra to record the music for the game’s cutscenes, and at £600,000 the game’s story will include a playable female character who saves the protagonist in the beginning of the game. Finally, at £700,000 the team behind Kingdom Come will be able to fully utilize motion capture for the in game animations.

There are two more stretch goals that are being teased at £800,000 and £1,000,000, although they have yet to be announced. If you haven’t pledged to the Kingdom Come: Deliverance kickstarter, you can do so here.

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