Cozy life sim game Kindred Vale announced

Kindred Vale

Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator developer stillalive studios has announced Kindred Vale, yet another cozy life sim this time set in the Austrian Alps.

Kindred Vale is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) and will launch via early access sometime in 2025. A Kickstarter campaign is set to launch in September.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Kindred Vale is an enchanting life-sim set in the mystical Austrian Alps, filled with the spirits of regional folklore not found in other games. You have the power to see them all. Help the spirit community to thrive again and use their magic – fly with the Harpien, dive with the Nixen, run through the Grasslands with the Zlatorog. Blend foraging, farming and crafting with heartfelt relationships and a community rich with stories. Embark on a serene journey to bring harmony to the worlds of humans and mountain spirits, transforming Kindred Vale back into a haven of peace and beauty.


  • BRIDGE THE TWO WORLDS – The Spirits and humans of Kindred Vale lived in harmony for many years before a tragic rift came between them. Ever since, more and more of the town has slipped into the magical fogs the folkloric creatures use to protect their home. This divide has led people to lose touch with the spirits. You, alone, can still see them all, interact with and communicate with them. You have the chance to mend old wounds and rebuild the trust that has been lost. It is up to you to bring the two communities back together.
  • ENCOUNTER THE SPIRITS – Kindred Vale is full of spirits inspired by the folklore of our home in the Austrian Alps. Wolpertinger, Perchten, the Tatzelwurm and many more are a part of life in Kindred Vale and always have been. By interacting with the spirits and exploring their needs, you’ll be able to befriend them and rebuild their trust in humanity, as well as unlocking strange and wonderful abilities that only you can harness.
  • USE THE SPIRITS’ MAGICAL GIFTS – Each spirit has a unique gift that allows you to explore Kindred Vale like never before. After befriending them, fly up to the peaks of the Alps with the Harpyien, dive down to the depths of the lake with the Nixen​, venture to the hidden places of the forest with the Wolpertinger​, or speed through the grasslands with the legendary Zlatarog. Use these gifts to help restore Kindred Vale to the peaceful and harmonious place it once was.
  • MEET THE TOWNSPEOPLE – Kindred Vale features a diverse community of townspeople. Like the Spirits, they have their own unique personalities, likes and dislikes. Each brings a distinct story and perspective to the town, which will be added to as we bring more and more updates to the game. Who you befriend is completely up to you. Among them, you may even find that special someone who makes your heart flutter, with relationships adding yet more depth to each character.
  • FORAGE, COOK, CRAFT, DECORATE – Kindred Vale reimagines the cozy game classics! Once you’ve settled into town, you can forage and fish ingredients to cook, craft furniture to decorate your home, and give a range of gifts to your fellow townies. Unlock and discover more recipes through your interactions, explore the surrounding areas to find parts of Kindred Vale’s long history, and take them back to be celebrated in the local museum.
  • UNCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE VALE – Kindred Vale is truly unique – nestled in the heart of vast mountains, lush grasslands, a beautiful lake and a mysterious forest. And in town, each district has much to offer; its own look and unique spirit. Explore at your own pace and enjoy the amazing views and vistas the area has to offer.

But, there is more to Kindred Vale than meets the eye. The protective fogs that cover much of the town hold secrets that many don’t know and some don’t speak of. By working with both people and spirits to unify the town, you can uncover the truth of what happened many years ago, mend the rift between the two communities and – maybe – even learn something about yourself along the way…

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