Japanese rhythm games Kimekawa Genkai Beat-chan!! and Pastel Parade get new publisher

Kimekawa Genkai Beat-chan!!

room6 has announced they’ve picked up publishing for Japanese rhythm games Kimekawa Genkai Beat-chan!! and Pastel Parade.

Both Kimekawa Genkai Beat-chan!! and Pastel Parade are developed by matsu friends, and will launch for PC in 2024 (via Steam 1 and 2).

Here’s a rundown on both games:

Kimekawa Genkai Beat-chan!!

Kimekawa Genkai Beat-chan! is a rhythm game in which you crush fruits and monsters and use the funds to open up functions!

Beat-chan, who works in a factory, crushes fruits to the rhythm to create juice.

When you enter Wonder Mode, the world changes completely! Start crushing cute monsters. The world is chaotic and cute! Let’s get kitted out and crush them all together in high tension!

Usually an easy job!

Let’s crush the flowing fruits in a rhythmical manner. You’ll get paid as much as you crush them.

You can get bonuses for crushing the occasional gift box, and on rare occasions, you can enter the wonder mode. In wonder mode, cute monsters start to flow at high speed instead of fruits.

Smash as many monsters as you can with your bare hands to earn more money!

Shop with your wages! Open up power-ups and additional elements!

You can spend the money you earn as wages in the store. Unlock additional patterns, unit price increases, bonus increases, and more!

Pastel Parade

Pastel Parade is an exhilarating rhythm game with easy controls!

Play a comfortable rhythm to the cute and pop music. The controls are easy to use, just press the buttons at the right tempo according to the timing!

16 original songs with a groove!

  • Enjoy the catchy and cute songs unique to Pastel Parade – Some of the songs are very challenging…! Each play is only about 1 minute, so you can enjoy it over and over again with ease.
  • Fun just to control! Four pop characters – In-game operations are directly connected to the characters! Fun motions whether you succeed or fail! Challenge yourself to a rhythmic adventure with them!
  • A little story too… – As you progress through the game, a story is revealed little by little. The world is divided into 4 areas, each with a different atmosphere. How far can you go?

Let’s join the fun parade with cute characters!


  • Programming – Matsu Friends
  • Art – bone
  • Sound Design – FALL, MasaDo
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