Killer Klowns From Outer Space showcases different Klowns in new trailer

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer Teravision Games released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Killer Klowns From Outer Space video game.

This new trailer showcases the different types of playable “Killer Klowns” and confirms they will have different strengths and abilities, instead of just being skins.

Check out the Killer Klowns From Outer Space: Meet the Klowns trailer:

The official site includes details on the Killer Klowns which you can read below:


Instead, Tracker’s speciality is, well, tracking. This class, based on Spikey from the film, is not the best at combat. He thrives when looking for tasty humans who are running around the map looting, tooting – sometimes even shooting! Within the Klown team, the Tracker provides situational insight and support to his teammates by doing several things. He can shoot humans with a Popcorn Bazooka (popcorn bits stick to the humans and reveal their position on a map to other Klowns) or summon the Balloon Dog that will point towards the nearest survivor. If the prey tries to get away, Tracker will hop into his shiny (and, of course, insured) Invisible Car or chase them on foot, being able to vault over obstacles.


Rudy will scare the living crap out of Earthlings and make sure they always feel at least a little bit nervous while scouting for valuables or trying to escape the town. He can’t fight that well, but he makes up for this weakness by actively scheming and placing traps. Trapster’s Jawbreaker Mace is bursting into popcorn explosion on contact, allowing other Klowns to see attacked humans through nearby walls. He can sense human traps and even has an arsenal of his own. The first is the Baby Klown – an ugly, larvae-looking buddy who springs up and latches to the victim, holding them down. Come get your sweet nutritious human! The other trap is the Popcorn Mine. C4 those meat bags to your heart’s content, marking those within the blast radius with the same “wallhack vision” debuff as the Mace.


The Tank is chubby. In fact, he IS actually “Chubby” from the movie. This absolute unit of a Klown is slow, but also tough as hell. If he catches you, you’re probably mashed potatoes. His Extendable Jawbreaker is the Tank’s only ranged weapon. Whip this alien flail around or charge it up for more reach and power, causing destruction to anyone who dares to try and catch it – with their face. His signature abilities are Sticky Bash and Rage Rush. With a powerful downward strike, the Klown summons a carpet of cotton candy that traps anyone caught within it, or goes rampage-mode, charging into his enemies while busting through obstacles and taking less damage from firearms. Remember his cocoon straw scene from the movie? If you know, you know. Chubby can stick a straw into any cotton cocoon, slurp some energizing human intestines, and gain a limited-time movement speed buff. Yummy!


Please say hi to Jumbo. He is the only alien invader that can use the Klown Jump to leap into unexplored territory, which for other Klowns is covered with fog on the overhead map. Pretty handy, right? Scout is the ultimate aggressive reconnaissance maestro, specializing not only in scouting, but also in close-range combat and stealth. He lacks range and pure damage, but can strategically take humans out and control the flow of the whole battle – if you’re skilled enough. Silently draw the humans closer with Hypnotic Lure and smash them with a mallet or channel your inner shinobi with a Lackey Swap and instantly substitute yourself with a nearby AI-controlled minion to quickly change your position while evading or attacking survivors.


Let’s get ready to rumble, because Shorty is not messing around. Want him to “knock your block off”? Then come closer and kiss his Boxing Gloves. Shorty does not give a damn, he just wants to fight someone. He trained his whole life to invade a small town in the United States, and on April 1st 1988, his dreams came true. His melee prowess and agility make him a formidable, yet loud opponent. And he cannot detect humans. He is here to fight. Prop hunt connoisseurs will enjoy playing as Shorty because of his ability to disguise himself as a pizza box. You won’t believe it, but this ability is called Pizza Box. Did that pizza box just move? Anyway, Shorty will make you feel like prey. Ha-ha, here’s some reference to another game where you can turn into objects. But there’s more – Fighter has a Speedy Tricycle which, unlike Tracker’s Invisible Car, can be used indoors. Pedal your way to victory and hit the brakes to jump off the bicycle and crash into your enemies.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game is set to launch sometime in 2023 across Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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