Killer Instinct Unveils a New Fighter: Aganos, the War Golem

killer instinct aganos 2015-02-12

Over on the official forums for Killer Instinct, the next fighter has finally been revealed.

Say hello to Aganos, who was first teased at the end of Omen’s official trailer.

Aganos is a war golem, the last of its kind. More than 3000 years old, it has been a part of history “across the battlefields of Europe and the Middle-East”, used by every warmonger—until one day, its last owner ordered it to learn, think, and become independent. That owner, a king, gave Aganos its name, which means “a person of gentle disposition”.

What is such a creature doing in Killer Instinct? The golem has been hunting Kan-Ra, the Babylonian sorcerer, for millennia. The king, to whom it remained loyal, asked it to stop the practitioner of the dark arts, and it has been trying to do so ever since.

Although originally a creation of metal, as Aganos’ body has worn away to time and strife, the golem has replaced its broken parts with rocks, vines, and whatever else it’s found handy.


According to Maximilian, Aganos has a replenishable resource, which will be represented on the character visually. Depending on how much of this resource Aganos has, its attributes (speed, power, and the like) will change. This replenishable resource can be used to create projectiles, walls, and armor; the walls are unpassable, which means opponents will be unable to jump over them, and are indestructible to anyone but Aganos.

Aganos has a special roll attack, and also a shadow move that allows “for free action, while incapacitating and damaging the opponent.” Opponents will be able to break its attacks easily, as it has a two-strike attack instead of auto-doubles.

Aganos is said to have a stage ultra, too.

Size Comparison

killer instinct aganos size 2015-02-12

Aganos’ level

killer instinct aganos stage 2015-02-12

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