Killer Instinct: the Results of the PC Port Poll, and Omen’s Trailer

Microsoft Game Studios have released the latest character trailer for Killer Instinct, which introduces Omen, the Herald of Gargos. You can watch it above. The character’s already been demoed and detailed here, so click through for more details on it.

Omen is a special bonus character only available to those who purchase the Ultra Edition or the Combo Breaker of the game.

The next character to be revealed is also teased at the end of the video. It’s Golem!

In other KI news, the pseudo-official poll held on Killer Instinct‘s forum to gauge interest in a PC port has finished. Although not really official, as it was started by a forum-goer, Microsoft’s Creative Director himself, Adam Isgreen, consolidated all PC port-related posts into this one thread. That means Microsoft are at least aware of it.

killer instinct 2015-01-24

Of the people who voted, over 50% don’t own an Xbox One and want the game to come to PC, and a little under 20% already own Killer Instinct on the Xbox One and want to share the fun. Two-thousand-and-something voters may not seem like much, but that’s an impressive turnout for a poll on an official video game forum, never mind a poll on an official video game forum for a console exclusive.

There’s been no official indication of how the poll results have been received, yet, and no announcement of any port.

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