Killer Bean game reveals new trailer and summer early access release

Killer Bean game

Developer Killer Bean Studios has shared a new trailer for their Killer Bean game, now set to finally launch sometime this summer.

From the same creators as the hit 2018 indie animated film Killer Bean Forever, the new Killer Bean game will launch for Windows PC (via Steam) in early access this summer. A full release is planned for later across Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation.

Fans wondering if the new Killer Bean game is connected to the original series or movies in any way should note the game is set on a remote, lawless island and isn’t considered canon to the main Killer Bean timeline. The game is an open-world roguelike shooter where every campaign is randomly generated.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

After being betrayed by the Shadow Agency and learning the truth about their evil ways, Killer Bean has made it his life goal to destroy them. Yet this is easier said than done, as Killer Bean will face armies of enemies, and mysterious Shadow Beans who are better trained and more powerful than him.

This is a first person/third person, roguelike shooter. Every time you start a new single player campaign, everything changes. The locations change, the missions change, the characters change, the bosses change, and most of all, the story changes. Characters who you trusted before, may turn against you. Enemies who tried to kill you, may end up helping you. Simple missions can turn into deadly traps. No two campaigns are the same.

Key Features

  • Totally procedurally generated missions and story, packed with plot twists and surprises
  • Level up Skill Trees for your style of play: Stealth, Melee Combat, Parkour, Guns Blazing
  • Different factions of enemies who all dislike each other
  • Ragdolls and physics combat galore
  • Lots of vehicles to drive, and lots of weapons to try
  • Main characters that roam the map, who will either help you or hurt you
  • Design your own Shadow Beans that will hunt down Killer Bean


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