Kerbal Space Program 0.23 Update is Coming This Month

kerbal space program ss 1

Kerbal Space Program is a game that is about just that – maintaining your own space program. You control the Kerbals, small green humanoid aliens that live on the planet Kerbin. You see, Kerbals are so darn excited to get into space that they generally need your help to avoid disaster, whether it be during the launch of space craft, traveling through space, or landing on distant planets.

The game is getting a sizeable update this month, December 17th to be exact. Lots of new features will be coming in the 0.23 update, namely the ability to adjust gear, engines, wheels and then some during the construction of your spacecraft. The research and development building will be gaining a Science Archive, a place where you can browse all of the science you’ve attained throughout your career. Lastly, a Laboratory Module, which allows to Kerbals work together to process experiments before transporting them back home to Kerbin – thusly increasing your profits.

The 0.23 update will be previewed during December 12th and 13th, at the KerbalKon (yes, this game has its own convention now), and it will be broadcasted to the game’s official Twitch channel, KSP-TV.



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