Politician Kenzo Fujisue receives backlash over Tawawa on Monday purchase

Kenzo Fujisue

Japanese member of the Liberal Democratic Party Kenzo Fujisue has become the subject of criticism on Twitter after showing off his recent manga purchases.

Fujisue is currently a member of the House of Councilors in Japan’s national legislature, however he also appears to be a fan of manga and showed off his recent purchases on Twitter: two volumes of Tawawa on Monday (Getsuyoubi no Tawawa).

The series follows an unnamed salaryman who meets the large-chested student Ai on the train. The two begin to meet almost every day on the train and slowly build a relationship together.

Tawawa on Monday is the long running series from creator Kiseki Himura. Kimura’s known for his weekly art postings every Monday (hence the name Tawawa on Monday) and his work has since been serialized and adapted into an anime.

Twitter users (many of them English-speakers) took offense at Fujisue’s hobby and choice of reading, accusing him of lacking morals given the subject matter.

Other Twitter users came to the politician’s defense, defending it as harmless fiction without consequence.

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