Kenichiro Takaki Leaves Marvelous, Still Producer on Senran Kagura [UPDATE]


Following our original report that Marvelous and huge boob producer Kenichiro Takaki was leaving the company, more details from the latest Famitsu (via Ryokutya2089) have come out regarding his departure.

Takaki’s biggest reason(s) for leaving are the recent restrictions on what kinds of sexual content are allowed in video games. He said that he felt a thread was broken within himself. He also noted that while sexual content is frequently criticized, many people enjoy it.

Takaki personally believed that such variety was one of the mainstays in the games industry as a whole, but when it was so quickly broken, it really made him rethink everything. He also noted that he welcomes regulations and protections on certain genres or age-ranges are fine, but he believes the recent trend(s) will definitely have a startling effect.

The next game Takaki wants to make is a traditional fantasy-themed game, just like the games he was crazy for as a kid. Furthermore, he’s now working at Cygames on console title(s). Despite this, he’ll finish up his work at Marvelous for currently-developed games, like Senran Kagura 7EVEN.

Unfortunately, 7EVEN will take some time to complete. While the core of the game won’t change, Takaki is working on parts that must be changed, due to the new regulations. Following this, someone else will take the reins and help ship it to fans. They’re taking the eroticism and sex jokes more seriously than they have before, and Takaki will continue working with remaining staff on Senran Kagura. The adjustments or changes will be left to Marvelous internally, but Takaki will always remain the “huge boobs producer.”

Lastly, Takaki is working on a new multimedia project to be published by Marvelous, for both a game and an anime (not related to the Senran Kagura series). Character designs are being handled by Hanaharu Naruko, and the anime is being directed by Hiraku Kaneko. Coming from Takaki’s pedigree, there will be beautiful girls – however unlike most of his games, they will remain clothed. The new media will be traditional yet thrilling. While development started roughly a year and a half ago, an image shown in Famitsu has a girl riding something like a motorcycle. It’s not clear if this title is connected to Cygames.

Takaki said he wants to show something that makes people say “He made something awesome even though he’s the the boob producer. How sassy!” He added, “Even if the location of my work or the nature of my work changes, what I show off won’t change and I never want it to.”

“I’m a game fan at heart – I make dirty jokes and say inappropriate comments (laughs) but I’ll keep working my hardest to produce games.”


Marvelous has announced (via Famitsu) that Senran Kagura series producer Kenichiro Takaki has left the company.

The “huge boob producer” has left the company to embark on a new voyage of sorts, but he will remain the producer on titles like Senran Kagura.

Takaki has been at Marvelous for 13 years, the developer where he earned his nickname while developing games with buxom women, eventually starting his own subsidiary within the company named Honey Parade Games.

The coming issue of Famitsu will have an interview with Takaki on his departure from the company, including reasons why he left, his future plans, the future of the Senran Kagura series, and a new multimedia project Marvelous has in the works.

Niche Gamer did an interview with Takaki-san before with yours truly asking him some fun questions, including his inspirations, bringing games to Windows PC, and more – you can read that here.



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