Kemco’s Retro Styled JRPG Mystifying PSN Tomorrow

Mystic Chronicle Logo 1

If you played games more than ten years ago, you might remember Kemco. They’ve been making games for a long time, but now they focus on retro-styled JRPGs on mobile platforms. Natsume is localizing a port of Mystic Chronicle that Kemco did, from iOS to the PSP.

The game will also work on Vita. The game will be called Mystic Chronicles in English, and it’ll pretty much look and feel like an old 16-bit era JRPG that you never played until now.

Mystic Chronicle SS 1

The game has first person/turn based battles, overhead dungeons, and a spotty translation. I wanted to point out that each character has their own Guardian Beast, which is interchangeable. The Guardian Beast acts on its own in battle, although you can set the AI to be offensive or defensive.

The game is basically a JRPG you’d see back in the golden era of JRPGs, although time will tell if it’s worth it. So, if that kind of thing tickles your fancy, it’ll cost you $14.99. You can check out a Japanese trailer for the game below:

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