Keiji Inafune Promises No Further Mighty No. 9 Delays, Talks Up a Sequel

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We’ve learned (via Gamespark) that Comcept boss Keiji Inafune is confident in Mighty No. 9 reaching its February 9th release date with no further delays.

Speaking at this year’s Unreal Fest 2015 Yokohama Event, Inafune said that Mighty No. 9 will definitely not be delayed again. He made a note in saying one of the reasons for the game’s delay(s) is the sheer number of platforms, as the game is releasing across practically every gaming platform available on the market.

Inafune went on to chat up the difficulties of designing the new IP, saying it’s essentially making the impossible possible, similar to Mega Man. He also said that Comcept isn’t able to say the game is a success yet, since it hasn’t been released.

When it comes to the game as a franchise, Inafune said that Mighty No. 9 will need to sell a lot of copies, and have lots of users playing it. A sequel is planned as well – should the game be successful. It’s worth mentioning that Mighty No. 9 is also getting a live-action movie, although a release window for it is TBA.

Mighty No. 9  will have a physical edition for Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4, with a digital release for PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PC, Linux and Mac.

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