Kamiwaza Tourai remaster announced

Kamiwaza Tourai

Japanese developer Acquire has announced Kamiwaza Tourai, a new remastered version of the PS2 game Kamiwaza.

Kamiwaza Tourai is launching sometime this fall in Japan for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and will include high-definition visuals, updated textures, an autosave function, various improvements, and more.

Here’s a brief rundown on the game, via Famitsu:

Kamiwaza Tourai

Stealing for his daughter? For the people in poverty? What fate awaits Ebizo!

The player takes on the role of Ebizo, a righteous bandit who steals from the wicked to help the weak.

  • Steal goods displayed in a merchant’s house one after another in a brilliant sequence of moves.
  • “Unlock safes and storehouses and steal from them.”
  • “Pilfering valuables from people’s pockets.”
  • He even steals a town girl’s kimono.

The thieves will master a wide variety of thieving actions for various situations and targets.

The story will change depending on the people you meet and the actions you choose as you progress through the story.

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