Kakegurui live-action American adaptation revealed by Netflix

Kakegurui live-action

A new report has confirmed Netflix is producing an American adaptation of Japanese manga series Kakegurui, shortening its title to BET.

The new report (via Hollywood Reporter) confirms Simon Barry as executive producer, along with Boat Rocker Media. It will have ten episodes, and filming has already started in Toronto.

Kakegurui was launched in Gangan Joker in 2014 and saw anime series that aired in 2017, with a second season in 2019. A spinoff manga, Kakegurui Twin, was also launched in 2018.

It’s worth noting a previous live-action series starring Minami Hamabe was aired in 2018, also via Netflix, though it had an all-Japanese cast in comparison to this new adaptation.

BET will star Miku Martineau (who might play the assumed American counterpart for protagonist Yumeko Jabami), Ayo Solanke, Eve Edwards, Clara Alexandrova, Hunter Cardinal, Anwen O’Driscoll, Aviva Mongillo, and Ryan Sutherland.

The official description for the show is as follows:

In BET, the boarding school’s hierarchy is upturned when Yumeko, a mysterious transfer student arrives from Japan with a dark secret and a gambling prowess that puts her in the crosshairs of the powerful Student Council. Ultimately, her revenge quest threatens to upend the school’s status quo entirely.



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