Kaguya-sama: Love is War Third Seasons Premieres April 2022

Kaguya-sama: Love is War Third Season

A-1 Pictures have announced the premiere date of the third season of Kaguya-sama: Love is War; April 2022.

Starting as a manga by Aka Akasaka in 2015; the story follows the student council of the prestigious Shuchiin Academy. Heiress to the Shinomiya conglomerate Kaguya Shinomiya and “commoner” but top-marked student council president Miyuki Shirogane secretly love one another.

Neither of them want to be the first to confess to the other, and partake in elaborate mind-games to the other confess or fall for them. As the clock on their student days tick down, the antics of their fellow student council members and more unintentionally hinder or create new opportunities for them.

The anime by A-1 Pictures premiered in 2020 with two seasons, and an OVA in May of this year, a live-action movie in 2019, and a sequel movie set for 2021. The last season was streamed exclusively by Funimation for western audiences.

Funimation was criticized for their handling of the translation; by making references to “social distancing” at least twice in an attempt to seem timely and relevant. Aniplex of America (both Funimation and Aniplex are owned by Sony) later apologized for the translation “error”.

As previously reported, the third season was announced in November of last year. Now the series has the subtitle Ultra Romantic. Based on the past season, this should take the anime into chapters 101 and beyond. With almost 240 chapters of material to choose from, how far will this adaption go?

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