Jury Awards 500 Million to Zenimax in Oculus Lawsuit

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After almost three years, the lawsuit between Zenimax and Oculus has finally concluded.

After two and a half days of deliberation, the jury concluded that, while Zenimax’s claims of the VR company stealing tech when recruiting id founder John Carmack were false, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey did break an NDA signed with Zenimax during discussions of a partnership with the company. Because of this, Oculus will be forced to pay Zenimax half a billion dollars in damages.

This is, however, a fraction of what Zenimax wanted. If found guilty of stealing trade secrets, Zenimax wanted to fine Oculus four billion dollars.

It’s unknown how this will effect Oculus going forward, however, we may find out soon when Facebook releases their fourth-quarter earnings report later today.

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