Jujutsu Kaisen accused of copying several different anime/movie scenes

Jujutsu Kaisen

Fan-favorite anime Jujutsu Kaisen was recently accused of copying several different anime and movies, with some wondering if they were “parodies” or actual direct plagiarism.

The accusatory Twitter post secured 14 million views in about 2 days and provided a video comparing various scenes from Jujutsu Kaisen with similar-looking scenes from anime and movies.

Here’s a direct view of the clip:

The Japanese Twitter post reads:

“‘Is Jujutsu Kaisen plagiarizing various scenes?’ is a suspicion that has been spreading overseas, and it seems to be stirring up a storm overseas.”

One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Evangelion are only some of the anime that Jujutsu Kaisen is accused of plagiarizing.

Here’s various comments from Japanese Twitter users in response to these accusations, with some mentioning that these scenes were intended to be “parody” or an “homage”:

“Too many people don’t understand that storyboard/director Tsuchigami tweeted about this. I don’t think the user noticed because that’s not their real name, but it clearly states that it’s a parody cut.”

“There’s a difference between a homage and plagiarism. Overseas bros please understand.”

“It’s an homage.”

“No it’s a parody. It’s something that happens a lot in other anime, it’s nothing new.”

“I want to say it’s an homage.”

“I feel the love, so maybe it’s an homage.”

“In the first place, Jujutsu Kaisen is an homage manga…”

“Isn’t it common for animators to want to reproduce their favorite scenes? Tracing is no good though.”



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