JP Games announce “cutting-edge RPG for adults” SHALLAH

JP Games, the studio led by ex-Square Enix boss Hajime Tabata, has announced SHALLAH, a new “cutting-edge RPG for adults.”

JP Games is co-developing SHALLAH with Quantum Solutions, an AI and hardware sales company. A release window and release platforms weren’t confirmed.

SHALLAH is described as a new RPG that tells the story of a fierce battle between magic users and a love story between a man and a goddess. The game is set in a magnificent world based on the Middle Eastern folktales from One Thousand and One Nights.

Here’s a full look at the first artwork:

JP Games is handling the overall planning and development on the game and will use their in-house middleware “PEGASUS WORLD KIT”, and Quantum Solutions owns the IP and will provide support to JP Games.

“We recently received an offer from Quantum Solutions for a joint game project, and we have started developing the RPG SHALLAH that we had been planning for some time,” JP Games representative director Hajime Tabata said. “As a producer, I am involved in both development and business. We will officially announce the game content once development has progressed further. This is scheduled to be a major title that will be in full swing for the first time as JP GAMES, so please look forward to it.”

Quantum Solutions CEO Mark Pink added, “AI and quantum computing are highly compatible with games, and will be able to change character behavior in real time and provide players with more challenging gameplay. Also, AI will be able to recognize the player’s emotions, Providing reactions suitable for gameplay will enable a more immersive experience.AI x quantum computing will revolutionize game development.Being able to jointly develop SHALLAH with JP GAMES I’m very excited about it.”



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