Joe Danger Developer has Revealed No Man’s Sky

no man's sky ss 1

Hello Games are a studio that are known for the cartoon-y, arcade-y Joe Danger games, which have you controlling a daredevil motorcyclist as he performs various stunts. They’ve revealed their new game, and boy is it a wicked departure from Joe Danger and his cape.

Hello Games’ new game is No Man’s Sky, a procedurally generated open world game, and it’s in development for next gen consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It’s also being developed by only four people.

Check out the fantastic debut trailer below:

The gameplay starts underwater, after which the player walks out onto a landmass and gets into a parked spaceship. He then flies it into the skies, and then into space, only to encounter an asteroid field. Rather than finding a way around said asteroid field, the player blasts their way through an asteroid.

Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray had this to say regarding the game’s scope:

“In our game, when you stand on a planet and you see a mountain and that mountain is like three miles or wherever it is, and you can see it, you can walk there, you can go and explore it,” he continued: “That planet on the horizon that you see in the trailer, that’s a real place, and you can see features on it, and you can get on your ship and you can get to it.”

To further blow your mind, Murray added that all of the stars that were seen in the footage are all real stars, each with their own solar system that orbits around them. Yes, you can go to other solar systems and visit all of those stars as well.



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