Joe Biden passes executive order requiring government AI to push racial equity

Biden Signs AI Executive Order Require Equity Thumbnail

The Biden administration has announced that president Joe Biden signed an executive order with the intent on advancing racial equity in government.

Among the other orders he has signed which is meant to further equity in government, this new one passed is meant to cover the usage of artificial intelligence, which we have covered in various other subjects over the past year.

Namely any AI system developed, acquired, or otherwise used by government agencies must be created and used in ways that further advance equity. In doing so, they also wish agencies to consult with civil rights offices when building these systems.

As mentioned above, AI continues to be a massive subject among debate either legally, ethically, or morally when it comes to its usage. Art, for example, as found legal trouble in regards to copyright.

AI-based text chat bots have been restricted by their developers, leading some to share concern that these bots will only be allowed to have “certain viewtypes” of issues, regardless of the facts.

This concern echoes in response to the executive order signed by Biden. Some believe this to be an important milestone against discrimination while others fear this may lead to the creation of AI that in turn actually fail to address it, and instead perpetuates discrimination in other manners.

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