Jason Marsden Interview – Ohayocon 2022

Jason Marsden Interview Ohayocon 2022

Throughout this month, we will be wrapping up our Ohayocon covereage, now with our Jason Marsden Interview! Additionally, we will potentially have other interviews with guests at Steel City Con and PAX East 2022.

So who is Jason Marsden? Let’s learn more about him before diving into the Jason Marsden Interview. Jason Marsden is best friends with Alexander Polinsky. He is the voice of Max Goof in A Goofy Movie, Haku in Spirited Away, Binx in Hocus Pocus, Noel Kreiss in Final Fantasy XIII-2, and many other characters.

Jason Marsden Interview

Matt: Hi, please introduce yourself to everyone.

Jason: Yes, what’s happening, Jason Marsden here. We are at Ohayocon. Is that a good intro? What’s your name?

Matt: I’m Matt or Shaggy.

Jason: Nice to meet you Shaggy!

Matt: I’m in Flynn Rider right now so it’s a little different. We are going to make this fast because we are on a time deadline.

Jason: Outstanding

Your Start

Matt: What originally got you into voice acting?

Jason: An agent actually. I was a kid, I moved to Los Angeles from Rhode Island and my mom got me into a workshop, the workshop sent me to an agent. The agent sent me out immediately for movies, television, and voiceovers included in all of that.

Matt: what part of Rhode Island?

Jason: Warrick.

Matt: Okay, I’ve been there. So, you know, like the border between Connecticut and Rhode Island? Literally lived right there.

Jason: Right on, Right on! I was there till 86’ 87

First Role

Matt: Since you said you started out early, what was your first role?

Jason: My first animated role was Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears. I played Cabin, a boy, whose friends with the gummy bears. And I was this second or third Cabin cause these other kids kept growing up and going through puberty so they didn’t sound like kids anymore. So I came in and filled it. 

First Non-Animated Role

Matt: What about non-animated? 

Jason: Non-animated role was a guest shot on a TV show called Webster

Hocus Pocus

Matt: She was talking about Hocus Pocus

Jason: Oh, yes. Did someone say Hocus Pocus? “No, I’m not, I’m not the puppet they used in the movie. I’m from Amazon.” Yes, I worked on Hocus Pocus. I was the voice they used for Binx’s the cat. 

Matt: How was that?

Jason: It was a blast!

Horror Stories and Booth Bombs

Matt: Any horror stories or fun bombs from voice acting?

Jason: Horror stories or fun bombs? Gosh, I worked on this cartoon for a woman who raised donkeys. And she had a prized donkey. The prized donkey is so famous in her town that she wrote children’s books about it and then was able to fund a cartoon about it and I got cast in it.

You know sadly these people who can train animals aren’t really so good at directing actors. So it was a very difficult and unpleasant experience for me. 

Matt: Any fun bombs?  Alex was talking about the spit take. 

Jason: Well, this is pretty fun bombs, gosh. 

So I was thinking like, voiceover actors are some of the most filthy blue-humored people so I don’t know if I can repeat a lot of them, but a lot of sessions took up a lot of laughing like, you’re in a college dorm or something like that. Yeah. 

Other Jobs

Matt: If you weren’t an actor, what would you like to be? 

Jason: I always thought about being an animator. I like to draw. I’m fascinated with the process of animation. 

A desired Role

Matt: What’s one role you wish you could have been cast as?

Jason: Everyone I don’t book all those. 

Voice Acting Mentor

Matt: Okay, Voice acting Senpai? One person you look up to.

Jason: His name is Frank Welker. So many? I mean, he’s one of many but Frank, you know, he’s been around forever. He was Scooby-Doo. Are you distracted? Hi, can we not have a conversation here? See, he’s been looking around the whole time. 

Matt: There’ve been so many pretty girls too. 

Jason: There’s that as well. And there’s one right in front of you too. Hi, you can’t do that.

Matt: She likes to look at them too.

Jason: Well excellent, when we’re done. We’ll do that together. But Frank, Frank Welker, voice of Shaggy, excuse me, Fred and now Scooby-Doo, have been around forever. He’s great with character voices and straight characters and is one of my favorites, favorites. Blessed to say I got to work with him.

An obscure Fact

Matt: A random obscure fact that people don’t know about you?

Jason: A random obscure fact, I make macarons. I can make macarons.

Matt: That is a difficult task. 

Assistant: Favorite flavor macaron?

Jason: Right now, I’ve done like Maple buttercream on that.

Recreational Activities

Matt: Favorite recreational activity?

Jason: I guess yoga

Favorite Villager

Matt: One voice actor you have always wanted to work with?

Jason: Does that say favorite villager?

Matt: Yes, for Animal Crossing. A lot of people play Animal Crossing. So who’s your favorite villager? 

Jason: I don’t play Animal Crossing so I don’t know. I can tell you like my favorite city in Fortnite.

Matt: Sure! People like Fortnite and favorite Fortnite skin?

Jason: My favorite city is, I’m blanking. They just brought it back, the city, the little town. 

Assistant: Describe it

Jason: It’s just a  bunch of buildings.

Assistant: Tilted?

Jason: Yes, tilted towers! 

Jason:  So Tilted Towers, and I was playing cause my son got me into it and I refuse to buy more skins because I’m not going to spend money on an outfit that I can’t actually wear but the alien character. Mr.Bill, they call him Alien Bill. I just love aliens, like Steven Spielberg, you know, the thin necklace, big black eyes. So that’s my skin.

Actor to Work With

Matt: What about an actor that’s not a voice actor? 

Jason: Like favorite?

Matt: One you’ve wanted to work with?

Jason: One I want to work with? Gosh, so many. Would love to work with Julianne Moore she’s a fave of mine. Denzel Washington just to see if I can hold my own. 

Cats VS Dogs

Matt: Cats or dogs and if neither what?

Jason: Both


Matt: Favorite Pokemon?

Jason: Pass.

Favorite Game

Matt: Favorite game or game franchise?

Jason: At the moment, Fortnite, I’m really digging Fortnite. As far as board games, I’m playing Horrifying the classic universal monsters game.

Con Experience

Matt:  Favorite con experience?

Jason:  Favorite con experience, man. Gosh, Guess any kind I get to do with Bill Farmer who’s the voice of Goofy. Because we have a great working relationship. And in our panels, we do together are always so much fun. And I love being next to him because, for those who don’t know, the voice of Goofy is.

He’s sort of like an unassuming older gentleman. Usually, like a Hawaiian shirt sitting behind a table and people will look at his table. They’ll see the picture Goofy. Look at him. And they’ll go “Are you the voice of Goofy?” He’ll go “ Gorsh I sure am!” They just burst into confetti. It’s too much fun. I like watching how people react to him. 

Your Favorite Voice Actor

Matt: Would you say he’s your favorite actor or somebody else? 

Jason: Oh, I love him. I like Maurice. I like Tara. I’m a fan of all my peers for sure. I can’t, it’s like picking a favorite child. They can’t pick just one.


Matt: Any socials you want to plug?

Jason: Yeah, can follow me on Instagram at @JasonMarsden. I’m on TikTok, I think it’s JasonMarsdenOfficial or OfficialJasonMarsden, I can’t remember. And please follow my YouTube channel, JasonMarsden youtube.com/marspresents for my variety show.

Here’s a video recording of our Jason Marsden Interview:

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