Japan’s Top Cosplayer Enako Showcases Costume Collection

Japan is a huge market for cosplayers from various anime, manga, videogames, etc etc. So it’s no surprise that the 27 year old cosplayer Enako, has quite the pile of costumes tucked away. 

It’s not uncommon for cosplayers to have a litany of outfits tucked away for events and promotions purposes, but the sheer amount of Enako’s stash looks like it needs its own warehouse to shelve it all.

Enako showcased her cosplay stash via a YouTube video where she said she has close to 400-500 outfits and ensembles in clear boxes tucked away neatly in what resembles a big warehouse.


Enako is the #1 cosplayer in Japan and takes in an estimated $500,000 usd per year doing cosplay of various characters. Chances are you’ve seen her if you’re even a mediocre fan of cosplay in general.





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