Japan’s collapse imminent: Prime Minister calls on BlackRock to “Invest in Japan”

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida might be opening up the country to ESG policies and further politicization or censorship as he called on BlackRock and others to invest in Japan.

Website FT covered the topic, saying Kishida “pointed out that the economy and wages are stronger after decades of flirting with deflation and stagnant growth, while Japan’s stock prices are near a 33-year high.”

Here’s some remarks from Kishida while at a meeting with the world’s largest investors:

“I am convinced that people both in and outside the country have sensed Japan’s resolve to transform itself to become an international financial centre. We will not hesitate to implement further reforms to open the way towards a new Japan. We ask that you newly invest in Japan’s future. We have a chance for the economy to move to a new Goldilocks phase for the first time in 30 years. We must not miss this opportunity.”

Here’s a very informative mini-documentary video summarizing BlackRock:

BlackRock gives every company an ESG score, or an Environmental, Social, and Governance score.

For those not familiar, ESG acts like a “social credit score” for companies, and many western companies (especially in the entertainment industry) are kowtowing to it.

ESG forces creators to change things to be politically correct or insert some sort of political agenda to influence how people think. Here’s a good quote from BlackRock CEO Larry Fink:

This is evident in the nonsensical focus on “diversity” in games when games have always had diverse casts, or the elimination of female beauty and attractiveness from said media.

ESG is also heavily pushed by the World Economic Forum, a financial organization that frequently touts an agenda known as the “Great Reset.”

Critics of Kishida will likely be unsurprised to learn that the Prime Minister has an approval rating of 29%.



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