Japan’s Chiitan celebrates the birthday of IdolMaster’s Hoshii Miki


Injury-prone former otter mascot Chiitan has quite randomly celebrated the birthday of IdolMaster‘s original idol Hoshii Miki.

For those not familiar, Chiitan was originally a PR mascot for Shikoku’s Susaki City, but has since been fired, likely due to their tendency to perform stunts that “harmed” the mascot for the sake of comedy.

Chiitan’s stunts, which often involved violence directed towards the mascot, earned them a great deal of attention online:

Chiitan, in a rather shocking move, celebrated the birthday of IdolMaster’s Hoshii Miki (a fictional idol of the idol-raising simulation franchise) with a special video:

“Miki-chan happy birthday! You’re always sparkling and radiant~ I’ll resupply the light so you can shine even more~”.

More artwork of Miki shared on her birthday (a common rite performed by otaku for fictional characters):



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