Japanese users speechless by Niche Gamer’s western localization article

Thanks to a popular Japanese YouTuber, more Japanese netizens are learning of Niche Gamer’s large article on the absurd localization happening in the west for over a decade.

Here’s the video from the Japanese YouTuber, who briefly covers some of the article:

Japanese commenters were shocked by the localization practices of the west, with many denouncing the nonsense:

“This issue should be spread throughout Japan as well. This is exceedingly unpleasant.”

“I was wondering if overseas fans saying ‘dubbed versions are no good’ was simply a matter of their taste in the voice actors’ acting. I had no idea that the content itself was being altered as they please. If I were the original author and my work was altered to suit political correctness, I feel like I would want it to be banned from being exported overseas.”

“Localizers who say things like ‘who cares’ or ‘it’s only one line’ show that they have no pride or respect for their work or the local audience in the slightest.”

“I can’t believe that there are people working in the industry who can easily disgrace the work that others have poured their heart and soul into creating.”

“I thought that translation was the process of rephrasing Japan’s unique expressions in a way that would be understandable to people in that country, but that seems to not be the case.”

“The respect for the original author is non-existent. It’s clear cultural appropriation and evidence of looking down on Asians. They should be denounced as racists who aren’t even politically correct.”

“I think it would be a lawsuit if they messed with American content to this extent without permission and released it as if it were official…”

“I think it is one of the greatest insults to the work and the author when someone else includes something that the author did not intend.”

“I wonder if the original Japanese author is aware of this change? At the very least, the current situation where localizers mistakenly think they have the right to add expressions that are not in the original work is terrible.”

“I feel like people like that are the true misogynists.”

“Overseas bros, please rest assured, we just didn’t know. Japanese otaku are outraged. This change is not allowed.”

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